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The R & B Skyway!
You can get started tonight!
Buy a complete train set in a box... including track, power supply,
cars, and even a smoke puffing, realistic sounding locomotive!
The R&B Skyway [2013-06-14]
Sir Frederick Henry Royce was the mechanical genius behind the first
Rolls-Royce automobiles. (Charles Stewart Rolls was the salesman.)
Men who worked with Royce said he could file a round rod into a
perfect hex, by hand and eye alone.

I am not saying that he doesnt use a rule and a square, but Bill Moran
is a craftsman in the Royce tradition. I have known it for years...

But it was still a surprise when, after I said to Bill `I want a railroad
in the sky`
, he responded
by building this beautiful art
deco kind of track support
system. Here is Bill testing
the support with 20 pounds
of power supplies as a load.

I guess it was no surprise
to Bill when I put the Grand-
daddy Alexander locomotive
on the track within a minute
of his hanging his first two
Bill called me yesterday to
say `Need more T-bar clips`.
He had 24 clips already, so
I thought I was going to see
the R&B Skyway halfway
around the shop. But no, still
only two supports. I bet the
whole system will suddenly appear, complete, one morning soon.
Don`t YOU be surprised, come check on our progress often!
We are not derailed...[2013-05-14]
A big train needs some time to get up to speed, and we are stoking
the firebox as fast as we can manage, in order to provide the kind of
support you have gotten from Davis Hobby Supplies since 1998.
The big-train metaphor...
(like you didnt get it) is meant to suggest that we are undercapitalized.
We dont have a full load of coal in the tender, so the way we are going
to grow is by buying smart (with your advice, please!) and spending
everything we make on more coal.
Many of you have looked me in the eye and said `I hope you are
staying in business!?` The true and correct answer is: `Lord willing,
and you helping out.` It is no secret that model railroading sales for
Thanksgiving through Christmas account for most of our sales for
the entire year. If you will come buy a couple magazines once a
month between now and Thanksgiving, it will let you see us
building momentum, and it will go a long way toward making sure
we have plenty to show you on Black Friday.
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Samplings of scenic artistry,
including Suffolk Visitor Center
and Railroad Museum.
Magnificent attention to detail,
exquisite weathering.
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