Verna Griffith Davis
Aug 12, 1930 - Apr 8, 2011
by Roger Davis, Mommie's Boy

Those of you who were present at the funerals of both my parents probably noticed a distinct difference between the eulogies I delivered for each of them. For Dad, I described the history of his life, his skills, his accomplishments. For Mom, I described a number of experiences I had had with her as I grew up, in the hope to portray her character and personality.

I had planned Dad's eulogy for years, I advanced it every time I went to somebody else's funeral. I would often think "Dad deserves better", or maybe "Dad deserves something as nice as this."

I never planned a eulogy for Mom, because it never occurred to me that she could die. She was the earth and the sky to me, and she struck me as more of a divine presence than a mortal human being.

And so it goes.

Thanks to everyone who patronized Mom's store, especially in the years since Dad passed away. What she lacked in Dad's expertise, she made up for in determination and faithfulness. Even when I found her on the morning of March 31, motionless, unable to get up off the floor, once I got her dressed she didnt want to go to the hospital: She wanted to go open the store!

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